At HCL we believe in offering great selection of modern vanities, vessel sinks, faucets, shower panels, shower enclosure massage bathtub, toilet, mirror, bath accessories and much, much more which are competitive in pricing and are of high quality.
Vanity Set    
BM217 BM223 FX-32
BM016 BM203 BM204
BM205 BM208  
Shower Room and Massage Bathtub    
C6338 CF-1280-L M1575
Sink and Flushing Toilet    
SA8220 SA8214 SA8108
SB2116 SC3206 SC3209
SC3102 SC3121 SC3217
Faucet and Drain Cap    
GS-8321 GS-8500-H GS-8123-24
VL-009 VL-010 VL-011
VL-012 GS-8804 GS-8805B
VX-08 VX-09 VX-12
Glass Basin    
FY-19 FY-23 FY-27
FY-32 FY-36 FSZ-06
FY-38 FY-69 FY-71
Shower Panel    
P003 P004 P008D

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